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Nutrition and Mealsite Information

A registered dietitian looks at the nutrition of each menu to meet the current federal standards for fat, calories, and sodium. In addition, almost 20 nutrients are tracked. Two entrees are offered on the fresh meal menu each day. You can select your entrée. 

For both fresh and frozen meals:

    • Menus are low sodium. Averaged over the week, the menus will not exceed 1,000 mg of sodium.
    • Diabetic-friendly meals (including dessert or dessert substitute) offer carbohydrate counts ranging between 4 and 8 grams.
    • Averaged over a week, the calories range between 600 and 850 for complete diabetic-friendly meals.
    • Recipes are modified to reduce fat and sodium.
    • Nonfat milk is used in all recipes that call for milk (including puddings).
    • Most gravies are very low in fat.
    • Averaged over the week, no more than 30% of calories come from fat.
    • No trans fats, tropical oils, or lard is used.
    • There is a variety of fruits and vegetables in the meals.
    • The meals include freshly baked breads, rolls, and desserts.
    • One cup of 1% milk is included with each meal.
    • Meals contain at least ⅓ DRI (Dietary Reference Intake for nutrients) daily.

The Diet Menu

Do you have special dietary needs?- Please speak to your doctor before making this choice.

    • Some people with diabetes may like the Diet Menu.
    • The Diet menu is calculated with the ♥ First Entrée.
    • Averaged over a week, calories range between 600 and 850 for complete Diet Menus. This includes dessert or a dessert substitute.

Carbohydrates, Sodium, Food Sensitivities and More

    • Carbohydrate exchanges range between 5 and 8 (including dessert).
    • Some people watching their sodium may find Senior Meals and Meals-on-Wheels menus suitable for a low sodium diet if approved by their doctor.
    • Averaged over a week, menus do not exceed 1,050 mg of sodium. Controlling sodium requires making low sodium choices in all foods, whether from our food or food eaten outside of our menus.
    • We have meatless entrees available.
    • Our menu may include MSG. Some foods naturally have MSG, and it is not always disclosed on all ingredient labels.
    • Currently, we are unable to cater to food sensitivities and intolerance of certain foods.