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Oregon Project Independence (OPI)

Oregon Project Independence (OPI) is a needs-based program. It is state funded. There can be a wait list in times of limited funding. To get help through OPI you must:

  • live in Oregon
  • have a disability or be age 60 or older
  • not receive full Medicaid (financial and medical) help
  • need help from another person with Activities of Daily Living, such as walking, eating, going to the bathroom, and bathing

The help you get will depend on your needs. Some things people may be able to get help with include:

  • bathing
  • dressing
  • personal care
  • walking
  • going to the bathroom
  • housekeeping
  • making meals
  • shopping
  • transportation
  • medication management
  • memory and confusion
  • respite for a caregiver to take a break

All people in this program pay for some of the cost of services. There is a sliding scale fee. The cost to you is based on your monthly household income minus your household’s monthly medical costs.

Household – This includes you, as well as a spouse or any dependents as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Monthly Income – This includes salaries, interest, dividends, pensions, annuities, Social Security benefits, Railroad benefits, and other income.

Medical Costs – This includes all the medical and dental costs that are you in charge of paying for.

Contact the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) for more information. 

Call: 503-304-3420 or 1-866-206-4799 (toll-free) 

Email: information.nwsds@nwsds.org

Online: adrcoforegon.org