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Already an Adult Foster Home (AFH) Provider

COVID-19 Response – Resources for Adult Foster Home Providers


Adult Foster Home Licensees can use the letter below to help sellers understand your purchasing needs.


If residents feel lonely, the Senior Loneliness Line brochure may help. 


Requests for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be made at:


For a full list of provider alerts visit the DHS Provider/Partner pages. You can also find:

April 2020 AFHL Newsletter

Current licensed AFH providers may benefit from these helpful resources:

  • Adult Protective Services 
  • Aging and Persons with Disabilities (APD) Provider Tools
    The general information below is meant to help you succeed as a licensed adult foster home provider. Visit the Oregon Department of Human Services APD Adult Foster Home Provider Information page.
  • Vacancy Reporting
    Call 503-304-3454 or FAX 503-304-3465 every week to update your listing. Give us your name (not AFH name), number of vacancies, whether room is single or shared, and whether vacancy is for a female, male, or either. Even if you have the same vacancies as the week before, contact us every week.
  • Resident Manager Changes
    What do I need to do to hire a new resident manager? Once you are sure you want the person for the job, contact adult foster home licensing staff by phone: 503.304.3400 or by email: AFH.Licensing@nwsds.org for information on requirements and application forms.
  • Renewing Your License
    Did you get a notice that your license is about to expire? We will send you a renewal application packet with the necessary instructions and forms several weeks before your license expires. 
    According to the DHS, "you are still required to ensure your application materials are completed and turned in before your license expiration date."  If you get a letter from DHS about your license expiring before you get our packet, don’t worry. You must submit all required items before your license expires. This includes the Supplemental Application for all Providers and/or Resident Manager for the foster home, $20 fee for each resident (payable to “SPD”), updated Health History and Physician/Nurse Practitioner’s Statement (blank form will be provided if needed). You will also need to complete background checks for all subject individuals using the CRIMS system. Read our AFHL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.
  • Relicensing Inspection
    Please note: License renewal inspections are not currently being conducted due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Read the DHS notice about licensing during this time.

    Once the Coronavirus outbreak is under control, we will resume making an unannounced inspection of your home in the month your license expires.
    For example, if your license expires August 31, we will visit sometime between
    August 1 and August 31. To help your relicensing inspection go smoothly we suggest:
    • OPEN your renewal application packet promptly
    • MAIL all your forms and payment in well before the due date.
    • PREPARE your home for inspection.
    • REVIEW your AFH facility and resident records.
    • PREPARE your caregivers for the inspection.
    • CALL a licensor if you have any questions.
    • RELAX! Your relicensing will go smoothly!