Medicaid and Employed Persons with Disabilities

Adults with disabilities may have access to Medicaid or work as an employed person with a disability.


Medicaid is a needs-based program. It offers financial and medical help. It is funded by federal and state taxes and is run as a federal-state partnership.

Employed Persons with Disabilities (EPD)

The Employed Persons with Disabilities (EPD) program provides or continues medical coverage and long-term services to people with disabilities who are working or want to work.

To find out if you may be able to get help through Medicaid or the Employed Persons with Disabilities Program, contact the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) using the information listed below.

Contact the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) for more information. 

Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties Call: 503-304-3420 or 1-866-206-4799 (toll-free) 

Clatsop and Tillamook Counties Call: 503-861-4210 or 1-866-206-4799 (toll-free)