Volunteer, Donate, or Advertise Support

NorthWest Senior and Disability Services is able to offer a number of programs and services because of volunteers. We normally average 700-800 volunteers at any given time. We seek volunteers for Senior Meals, Senior Peer Mentoring, the Oregon Money Management Program, the Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance program, and our Advisory Councils. To learn more, please contact Zaira Flores Marin at 503-304-3451 or zaira.flores@nwsds.org.

Donate or Advertise
Another way to give back is to donate. You can make a cash donation, donation to our nutrition program, or some other type of donation. We also offer advertising as a way to show support for our Meals-on-Wheels program. To learn more, please contact Beth Jackson at 503-304-3471 or beth.jackson@nwsds.org.