About Us

NorthWest Senior and Disability Services (NWSDS) is a local intergovernmental agency. We were created in 1982. Every two years we enter into contract with the state of Oregon to deliver services to seniors and adults with physical disabilities. There are other names for our agency. We are also known as an Area Agency on Aging and an Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC). Most of our funding comes from the federal and state government. We also receive donations from individuals and community groups. We serve seniors and people with disabilities in Clatsop County in Warrenton, Marion County in Salem and Woodburn, Polk County in Dallas, Tillamook County in Tillamook, and Yamhill County in McMinnville. Find the office nearest you

Board of Directors

We have a five-member Board of Directors consisting of a County Commissioner from each of our counties. The Board is assisted by the Advisory Councils.

Advisory Councils

We have two Advisory Councils. The Senior Advisory Council is made up of 20 members. The Disability Advisory Council is made up of 15 members. Both councils offer guidance to NorthWest Senior and Disability Services (NWSDS).

Area Plan

We write an Area Plan every four years. It offers an overview of the planned professional services under contract by NorthWest Senior and Disability Services and the state of Oregon. Read the entire area plan.

Volunteer, Donate, or Advertise Support

NorthWest Senior and Disability Services is able to offer a number of programs and services because of volunteers. Another way to give back is to donate.


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Contact us with any question, concern, or comment you may have. We will reply to you by email or call you as soon as possible.

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NWSDS Consumer Satisfaction Survey - If you need a paper survey, contact the NWSDS office nearest you.

Encuesta de Satisfacción al Consumidor de NWSDS - Si necesita una copia en papel de la encuesta, por favor comuniquese con su oficina local de NWSDS.

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